There is so much fog everywhere. It’s so cold. I have to hug myself. I can’t stop shivering. I am not wearing any shoes. The grass pokes my feet. It hurts a lot. I feel so tired and my head is paining. Mommy. I want mommy. Where is she? It’s become really dark. It’s so dark. But the moon is big and white. There are a lot of old tombstones around me. I don’t know how I came here. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I would never come here on my own. Not at night. I want to go home. I can’t see anyone else anywhere. Where is everybody? I’m all alone here. I want to go home. I don’t like this place.

Because suddenly I hear someone scream.

I get so scared that I run. I turn and run. I just have to run. Something is behind me. It’s chasing me. I have to get away from it. What is it? Is it a monster? Or is it a witch? Or–no, it’s zombies! They are everywhere. I can see all their dirty fingers coming out from the ground. All the dead people in the graves are waking up. They are all making scary noises. They are crying, as if they are dying all over again. I don’t like how they sound. I can’t see where I’m going anymore. There is so much fog. Why am I here alone at night? Daddy. I want daddy. Where is he? Running is hurting my feet. They are burning and becoming hot. The mud is wet and slippery. But I can’t stop. I have to go as fast as I can. I have to. I can’t let any of the zombies get me.

Up ahead I see a stone building in the middle of the cemetery. The door is wide open. Maybe I can hide inside. I can still hear the zombies growling behind me. They are hungry. They want to eat me. That’s what zombies do. They eat children. But I don’t want to die. I want to go home. It’s so hard to breathe. I can’t run anymore. They are getting closer. I don’t have a choice now. I have to run inside the building. I run inside without looking back. But it’s much darker when I get inside. It’s so dark. I can’t see a thing. I have to stop running.

It’s so cold. It’s so quiet.

All of a sudden there are torches on all the walls. They light up with fire. I can see now, so I open my mouth and scream.

This was a trap. There are hundreds of dead people standing around me. They are all awake, they are all looking at me. They all stink. I want to vomit. I start to cry. I am trying so hard but I can’t stop. I can’t get out of here. I am surrounded. I can’t stop crying.

Two fat zombies come to grab me and start dragging me. Their faces are rotting. I can see their skulls. I can see their eyeballs. I don’t want them to touch me. I kick and try to fight but they are big and strong. I can’t run away. In the middle of the room there is a coffin kept in a hole in the ground. The King of all zombies is standing next to the hole. He is laughing at me because I fell for their trick. He says zombies are going to rule the world now. You must turn, the King says. I must become a zombie now. Since I am still a small boy, I am the perfect age for the transformation. All of the dead people start cheering. They start dancing. They have caught another boy to zombify. They have won. I have lost. But I still don’t want to die.

The fat zombies laugh and throw me down into the coffin. I fall and hurt my face. My head starts paining a little again. I try to get up, but I landed on top of a zombie. It was already sleeping in the coffin waiting for me. He smiles. His teeth are yellow and broken. His mouth stinks so badly. My eyes start burning. He says I have to be buried alive with him to be zombified. No! I shout. Stop. I don’t want to turn! Stop! Mommy! Someone help! Daddy! Please, stop! The zombie grabs me and holds me down. I scratch him and punch him. His skin is loose and gooey. It peels off and sticks on my hands. Ew. No. It starts to become very dark. The coffin lid is being closed. I scream, but they do it anyway. They close the coffin and I am locked inside.

Mommy. Daddy. Where are you?

I can’t breathe. I really can’t see anything now. I can’t see. But I can still hear the zombies outside. They are still dancing and celebrating. They want me to die. They want to make another zombie. They want zombies to rule the world. The zombie holding me is hugging me so tight. I close my eyes when he shakes me hard. He’s hurting me so much. I can’t bear it. He roars like a tiger. He laughs like he has gone mad.

Then he bites my neck off.

I wake up fast, yelling and screaming. I am alone. It’s still very dark and I’m sweating everywhere now. I think I even wet my pjamas, but I don’t care. I know where I am now, but I don’t know if I am safe yet. I quickly jump out of bed and run to my parents’ room. They wake up because I am crying so much. They ask me what’s wrong. I start to tell them everything. I squeeze between them. I hide under the blankets. I tell them what I did.

I’m sorry, I say. You told me I couldn’t, you told me I wasn’t allowed, but I did it. I promise I won’t do it again. Please don’t let them get me!

They still look all confused.

I promise I’ll listen to you next time, I tell them. I promise I won’t see another scary movie ever again!


© Amaan Khan, March 8, 2018.