Hello everyone! I’m back today with yet another tag!

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory: this or that, two choices, only one wins. Whether I like the options or not is inconsequential, answering is necessary. That means no cop-outs this time. I think it’s become very apparent from my previous post that I cannot do comedy, so I’m gonna dispense with all jokes and jump right into it. You’re welcome.


Q1. The best: past or present?

A: The past is the best. It was a much simpler, easier, quieter, happier time. Nowadays our lives are too noisy and fast-moving and dizzying. If I could go back in time to live out the rest of my life, I’d go to the Victorian era, late 1800s. I’m not that dependent on technology. I think life would be better without it.

Q2. Black or white?

A: The truth is, both. Because I like white on certain things and black on others. For example, I like black clothes on me, and I like pearly white cars. I like white-tile flooring, and black leather couches. But if you’re twisting my arm and really want me to choose, I’d settle with black.

Q3. Singing or dancing?

A: I can’t do either. I am tone deaf and have two left feet. But I still would love to have a talent for singing (ballads mostly). I love watching dancers move too (contemporary dance form being my favourite), but I’ve never wanted to be able to do it myself.

Q4. Long hair or bob cut?

A: My default hairstyle for the past 25 years has been to have long hair. Not ultra long, like shoulder-length, but manageable length, say till the bottom of my ears. Recently however, I have been getting crew cuts and I don’t see myself going back to growing it out. I am loving this clean new look. I think it’s here to stay.

Q5. Microsoft or Apple?

A: Apple. Next question please.

Q6. Autumns or winters?

A: Winters. Definitely winters. The holiday season. The food. The laziness. Yup. Who doesn’t want that?

Q7. Oceans or mountains?

A: Since birth I have been living by the ocean side. That’s 26 years of beach beach beach, so it’s no wonder that I’ve had my fill of it. I’m fed up, quite frankly. Whenever I plan vacations, I set off for mountains and forests. They practically call out to me every day that I’m not there. It’s a dream to settle down there. One day. It’s going to happen.

Q8. Beard or moustache?

A: If I kept just a moustache, I’d look funny as hell, so I prefer to keep some stubble and trim it once a week.

Q9. Italian pizza or Chinese rice?

A: Isn’t that a redundancy? “Italian” pizza. Lol. But yeah, that’s my choice.

Q10. Punctual or latecomer?

A: I hate tardiness, in myself and especially in others. I’ve always said, I’d rather be there 30 minutes early than 5 minutes late. Punctual is my middle name.

Q11. Snapchat or Whatsapp?

A: If there’s anything I despise, it’s herd mentality. Snapchat is a black hole for our souls.

Q12. Sneakers or boots?

A: This is a toughie again, because I’m always trying to get my hands on both: sneakers for all the running I do, and boots because they’re boots, who doesn’t like boots? Currently, I own three pairs of sneakers (all Nike) and two pairs of boots (one brown, one black). Again, if you’re gonna twist my arm, I’d have to go with sneakers, only because I can’t run a 10K in boots.

Q13. America or Britain?

A: Land of the free, or land of the colonizers? Hmm. Ok, jokes aside, I’m with Britain. I mean, Shepherd’s Pie, Fish n Chips, Trifle Pudding. Come on. Plus, those accents. Don’t get me started on the accents.

Q14. Mail or email?

A: I still enjoy when I get snail mail (it’s exciting) but email is the clear winner.

Q15. Sunrise or sunset?

A: Sunrise, only because I watch the sunrise at least three times a week when I go for my runs in the morning. I have seen comparatively very little sunsets. At the risk of getting philosophical, sunrises indicate birth and the dawn of a new day, new beginnings, so I’m all for it.

Q16. Swimming or mountain climbing?

A: I swim like a brick. No kidding. So mountain climbing it is.

Q17. Fast food or home-cooked food?

A: Does anything really beat a nice home-cooked meal?

Q18. House Stark or House Targaryen?

A: I am a wolf at heart. (Even though I wish to see Dany on the Iron Throne. It’s complicated.)

Q19. TV or cell phone?

A: Correct me if I’m mistaken, but cell phones are now also TVs. I would like to pick my smart-phone, please.

Q20. Doctor Who or Doctor Strange?

A: If I ever said any choices thus far were tough, I take it back. This is actually the toughest one yet. Don’t make me choose. Have a heart! I beg you. Show some mercy! Please, don’t make me do this! I can’t choose! (I invoke my secret veto power, which can only be used once. So, I choose both these Doctors.)

Q21. Facebook or Instagram?

A: Insta, and I am biased, because I have my blog on there (@thisisamaankhan). Feel free to follow and show your support. (How’s that for shameless self-promotion?) Additionally, Facebook has become too cluttered, overrated, and a brainsore. I believe it’ll fall by the way side soon enough.

Q22. White meat or red meat?

A: Sorry vegetarians and vegans, I live on white meat. Poultry and seafood. I rarely touch red meat. Like once in a blue moon. Maybe not even that often.

Q23. Party or picnic?

A: Simply because there are bound to be less people to interact with at a picnic, I choose it over a party. The location of the gathering hardly matters. It’s the people I have to face that concern me. (I’m just an innocent little anti-social misanthrope who likes to mind his own business.)

Q24. Apple or banana?

A: Apple. Apple pie. Apple strudel. Apple juice. Apple devices. Etc.

Q25. Likeness: Mum or dad?

A: I take after my dad. His hair, his nose, his lips, his smile. In recent years, I have been catching my own expressions in the mirror, and they remind me of my dad. I almost want to cry every time. I don’t want to become my dad. It’s like the end of the world. It needs to not happen. Somebody do something.


If you wanted more revelations, don’t despair! Judging by the title, you can tell this is only the beginning, Part 1. I will be doing two more such tags in the future, because I love giving away personal details to strangers. I get off on it. (No I don’t, that’s a joke).

Thought of any this or that questions? Leave them for me in the comments below and I’ll answer them right away! See you again next week! It can’t come soon enough.

This is me, signing out!

© Amaan Khan, May 3, 2018.