You read that right!

I’m proud to announce my new novel, which is entitled Disconnect. This is the big announcement I said to look out for last week. Did I hype it up too much? No? Good. Now, before you guys lose it and go all gaga, allow me to offer you a little backstory.

*jittery fingers typing this out as I grin from ear to ear*

Over the past few years, ever since my first book Philippa was published in 2013, I’ve been working this pet project on the side. It started out as a not-so-serious pass-time, wasn’t meant to be something big or great, meant just for my own amusement, and I certainly wasn’t thinking about publishing it at all. Just a few days ago I completed the first draft of my second novel, and I’ve had so much fun writing it that I’ve decided to share it with you guys, on this blog, here and now!

So this is how it’s going to happen: every week I’ll be polishing a chapter, and publishing it on here every Thursday. There are thirteen chapters in total, as well as a prologue and an epilogue, which are sizeable. So that is exactly fifteen weeks of non-stop, uninterrupted, chapter after chapter, Disconnect goodness! Are you guys as stoked as I am? I know you are! I can feel it! Damn, the energy in this room. It’s palpable. Downright insane!

Before I lose it myself (not saying I ever had it) I’ll furnish you wish a couple more details about the book. I’ve been talking about it all this time without actually talking about it. Here’s what it’s about: Disconnect is literary fiction, with elements of crime, humour, romance, family, and drama. The theme explores the idea that individuals living their separate lives are linked to one another and, when these lives intersect, the repercussions can be anything ranging from fortuitous to catastrophic. The book presents as an ensemble piece. Interspersed within each chapter are third person limited points of view of eleven individuals/characters. This is the basic concept the story revolves around. But what is the story exactly? I’m glad you asked. Read on!



At the stroke of midnight, eleven individuals scattered across the metropolis of Mumbai are brought together to leave an indelible mark on each other; a mark that promises to change them in ways both unexpected and unthinkable.

While Sr. Inspector Kapadia’s workplace friction with a difficult ACP makes his job of retrieving the kidnapped boy of seven, Shaan, more onerous, Gautam’s failure to save his son from being taken threatens to drive a wedge between him and his wife.

While Mahinder’s racist boss gives him grief for being an incompetent delivery boy, a subsequent motorcycle accident causes him to mix up his orders, consequently leading Bahar, the sick food-critic, on a journey of discovering the true cause of her food poisoning, and to make a chance friend and defend a cause worth fighting for along the way.

While the teenager Naznin flees from the expectation of wearing a burqa now that she has graduated from high-school, her chosen escape route leads her to a secret rendezvous with a stranger from the internet, who may just pan out to become a close friend and also the person who forever changes how she sees the world.

While Adil struggles to cope with the new voices inside his head that have forced him into submission, his legal guardian, blinded by a prejudice for non-Muslims, has similar plans for him that are sure to push him past the breaking point and right in the line of fire.

While Ashni shuts out her father, Dipak, for not getting her a pet dog, he must make that critical decision of parenting which separates pampering a child from giving her all the love she needs and doesn’t get from a mother who passed in childbirth.

And while the estranged Rahul returns to his homeland after a nine-year absence to reconcile with his father for a long-desired catharsis, Yashwant, a city taxi-driver who offers a prayer in one moment of desperation, finds himself getting more than what he bargained for.

The twenty-four hours that follow converge these lives into one existential phenomenon, solving some discords with a single touch and aggravating others beyond repair. Leaving some individuals broken, and some reassured. Some spurned, and some loved. And leaving some lost, and others, ultimately, found again.


In a nutshell, the story is about 24 hours, 11 ordinary people, and 1 extraordinary phenomenon. And as you may have understood, it’s a play on words, the inverse of what the title suggests, and also not. There are plenty of “disconnects” between the characters in the book. Disconnect is based entirely in the city of Mumbai, unfolding over the course of a day, and it’s very different from my first book Philippa, which was very westernized and set in the Victorian era. Disconnect takes place in current-day Mumbai, my home town, in real existing locales, living the true Indian spirit, showcasing every square inch of our vibrant, rich, and often heart-stopping culture and heritage. Disconnect is the biggest baddest most outrageous thing to ever grace the blogosphere since the inception of WordPress. I’m so not blowing it out of proportion. I might be biased, but I’m telling you this is the shiz. And if it’s not, there’s only one way for you to find out, right?

What do you guys think? If you have any questions regarding this new introduction to the blog, as always you are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments. I answer every single one of them, without fail. And if you’re all pumped up for Disconnect, just leave a comment saying “I’m excited!” and that’s all you gotta do. I’ll know what you mean. *wink wink*

There’s one problem though. I thought telling you guys about Disconnect would release all this manic energy building inside me and calm me down, but it’s done just the opposite. I’m practically jumping off the walls thinking about it. I need to go breathe into a paper bag or something. Jeez.

Lots of love and good luck to you guys. See you next week with the prologue. Believe me, this is going to be epic! And this is me, signing out before I pass out!

© Amaan Khan, June 21, 2018.