Okay, so! I’m kind of nervous writing this blog. As you can guess from the title, this post will serve as a wrap-up to the Disconnect series of blog posts, where I posted one chapter a week of my second novel. Just last week the Epilogue was posted, and that marked the completion of the novel. It was 15 weeks of just pure Disconnect madness! And now here I am, finally talking to you guys again. It feels like ages ago that I did this. But I’m so happy and exhilarated and relieved to be doing this right now!

So, Disconnect: A Novel is completed. It’s been quite a journey, and as I said I’m a bit giddy writing this post. Over the past few weeks, ever since the Prologue of the book was posted, you guys have had such amazing and insightful things to say about the novel. I was truly overwhelmed and touched by the amount of love and support that the book received week after week. It was truly humbling and exciting to see that. Therefore, I want to kick off this post by saying a big huge resounding THANK YOU to you guys. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this.

Thank you for liking the story line. Thank you for sticking with the characters. Thank you for rooting for the book. Thank you for loving it till the end. I am truly at a loss for words. You guys rock, and you should know that.

Shaan, Gautam, Rahul, Naznin, Sr. Inspector Kapadia, Bahar, Adil, Ashni, Mahinder, Yashwant, and Dipak all thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

Ok, now that I’ve unleashed all that gratitude bubbling inside of me, the next thing I want to say is that I’ve heard all the things you’ve had to say about the book, and I agree with so much of it. Now, I won’t give away details. In case someone is reading this post and hasn’t read Disconnect yet, I don’t want to give away spoilers and ruin the book for them. So, I’ll speak very vaguely. I know some of you weren’t happy with why certain story lines went the way they went. Why certain things happened to certain characters. Some of it did seem necessary, while other things did not. And all I can say to justify any of it is that that’s how I saw the story moving forward, and there was no other way.

As many of you know know, about me, I don’t write for scandal or to shock or impress or anger. I simply write the things I do because those things and circumstances seem obvious and natural to me. For me, if I’m writing a story, and someone dies in it, I don’t write the death scene because I’m excited to kill off that character. Nor do I like throwing a character into the middle of a car accident. No. I take no pleasure in doing any of those crazy things. I simply feel like those events are necessary to take the story forward. Without those events, the story is stuck, feels forced, and doesn’t end naturally.

Now, having said all this, Disconnect wasn’t just a dark and morbid book. It was also bursting with stupid crazy fun comedy. All in all, it was a roller coaster, and I could tell you guys were enjoying it, going crazy laughing and crying. Thank you for dropping all those encouraging comments and likes on each chapter posted. Gosh, I feel like I can’t thank you guys enough. It really helped me keep going.

Do you guys have any doubts? Any questions or didn’t understand any part of Disconnect? As always, you can more than more than more than welcome to ask me in the comments below! I’ll answer every query you have! Just drop me a line!

So, this is the last Disconnect related post that I will be putting up. After this, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program. I wish I could tell you what that is, but we’ll have to wait next week to find out. I just thought you guys deserved at least once post to close the books on Disconnect once and for all, so I’m dedicating this post to that. It would have been strange to have a short story this week without any official tying up on Disconnect. It’s been a huge part of the blog, so I hope you guys enjoyed it and are ready for the next big thing!

Short story? Let’s Talk post? Another novel? Who knows what’s in store for us?!

See you guys, next week! And once again, THANK YOU! LOVE YOU!

This is me, signing out!

© Amaan Khan, October 11, 2018.