Hello, all you beautiful people!

Judging by the tile of this post, I’m sure you have made the right guess. It’s time for another fun-filled, fact-filled tag! Will I ever tire of answering these questions? Will you ever say “Amaan, enough of this. All we want is more stories and fiction”? Will I ever stop finding so many tags to use from the internet?

Who knows?

But now that we’re here, let’s get to it. These are questions that nobody ever asks. Not ever, but they mostly never do. Which is why it’s gonna be great fun. I’ve skimmed through most of them before answering, and some are pretty deep, while others are downright silly. Either way, they’re important.

Here we go!


Q1. Where did you grow up?

A. Mumbai, India.

Q2. What is the earliest memory you have?

A. My earliest memory is really hard to poinpoint. I’d have to say it’s of going on a vacation with my family, and we went I this heritage city in India called Udaipur. In the hotel suite, I was very fascinated with the heart-shaped bathtub. Lol. So yeah, I remember wanting to sleep in it all night long.

Q3. What would you do with the money if you won a lottery?

A. I would invest a lot, donate quite a bit, and then spend a little on myself and family and friends.

Q4. What could you have done to make today more productive?

A. To be honest, I could have woken up a bit earlier. I woke up at 11 am. But it’s excusable, since it’s Sunday. But still, I wish I had gotten up earlier so that I wouldn’t be writing this post so late in the evening.

Q5. Would you rather have flying Reindeer or a Unicorn?

A. Reindeer. That’ll take care of my commuting needs. So easy.

Q6. Do you need to be tucked in to sleep, or can you fall asleep anyhow?

A. I need to be tucked in, but not like a baby needs to be. I just need to be in a comfortable position before I can drift off.

Q7. If you had to wear one item forever, what would it be?

A. A sweatshirt. Very versatile. Very functional. Very fashionable.

Q8. If you had to kiss, marry, and kill celebrities, who would you pick for which?

A. Kiss Jennifer Lawrence. Marry Camilla Cabello. Kill Iggy Azalea. Someone needs to take her out right now. Not like on a date. I mean with a sniper.

Q9. What is the question you want to answer but nobody asks?

A. What do you want in life? Or, what makes you happy?

Q10. Which cartoons do you still watch?

A. I don’t watch any cartoon really. I use to follow The Simpsons and SpongeBob a lot, when I was 25. Now I’m 27, and I guess the only cartoons I watch are fun animated movies. Like the Minions and stuff. Disney. Pixar. Etc.

Q11. What show do you watch that isn’t targeted for your age group?

A. Again, I have no idea. I don’t watch that many kids shows. I watch a lot of shows that are targeted to 18 and above. I guess Riverdale falls somewhere in between. It’s high-school drama stuff, but there’s also murder and suspense, which really hooks me in. Also, it’s coming of age. You know how much I dig that.

Q12. What shows do you wish could come back from your childhood?

A. The Secret World of Alex Mack. Or, Mr. Bean, with Rowan Atkinson reprising his iconic role. GOLD.

Q13. What song do you not know the lyrics of but like to sing anyway?

A. Again, I don’t think there’s any such song. Currently, I’m lagging behind my song game. I don’t know any of the latest releases up until six months. I need to find the time!

Q14. If you could have one talent, what would it be?

A. Write like J.K. Rowling or David Levithan. I’ll be sorted with either.

Q15. Would you rather have world peace, or solve world hunger?

A. I would rather have world peace. I think, eventually, world hunger as a problem would be resolved through world peace. Not at first, and not immediately, but eventually it would become a non-issue. With peace, things would fall into place and stuff. You know what I mean?

Q16. What is a weird food combination that you do?

A. I don’t do any. But I don’t understand some. Like pizza and ketchup, for instance. Who dips their pizza into ketchup? And why? Why do you do that? The two things do not go together.

Q17. Name 5 things that make your average day better.

A. A good night’s sleep, less traffic, less workload, a good workout, and talking/spending time with the person I’m dating at the moment.

Q18. Would you rather eat or drink your calories?

A. Eat, because a liquid diet can’t be much fun.

Q19. Would you rather let someone go through all your text messages or your whole browser history?

A. Text messages, because I think those can be explained away with some story or another, no matter how unbelievable. I can sell a good lie when it comes to text messages. Browser history is a whole other can of worms. Nobody can explain that away.

Q20. What 3 things would you do to ensure your survival when stranded in a rainforest?

A. Start a fire, build a shelter, and hunt.

Q21. If only you and one other person were the last human beings alive, who would you want the other person to be?

A. My younger brother. Coz he has a whole life yet to live.

Q22. If you had to choose never to use Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube again, which one would you let go?

A. Twitter, because I’m not even on it. I have a blog on Instagram (@thisisamaankhan) and YouTube is just downright helpful. Twitter gets the boot.

Q23. If you had to choose, how would you want to get famous?

A. By achieving something ground-breaking and awe-inspiring with pure hard work, sweat, and dedication.

Q24. Which languages do you speak?

A. English, Hindi, Gujarati, French, and Arabic.

Q25. Which languages do you wish you could speak?

A. Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin.


So, there you have it folks! Part 1 of this tag is done and dusted! Next week, Part 2 will be up, so keep an eye on for it.

And also, tell me your answers. Tell me your choices. Sound off in the comments below and answer these questions with me! I’m waiting!

This is me, signing out!

Β© Amaan Khan, November 29, 2018.