Who’s ready for a second round of craziness?

Part 2 of this strange and weird tag is here! If you missed the equally weird Part 1 of this tag, feel free to head on over there and read it before reading Part 2!

Part 2 begins below. Brace yourselves. Seriously. Brace yourselves.


Q1. When you were a kid, did you fart and blame it on someone else?

A: Who hasn’t done that?

Q2. What is your Chinese astrological sign?

A. A sheep. It means I’m artistic and creative and gentle and calm and a good person at heart.

Q3. Are you stubborn?

A. I refuse to answer this question. I just refuse. You can’t make me answer it. You just can’t. I refuse.

Q4. Are you afraid of heights?

A. Nope, I love heights. I have to go bunjee jumping and sky diving at least once before I die

Q5. Do you sing when you are alone?

A. Haha, maybe.

Q6. Ever used a gun?

A. Yes, an old timey rifle gun that my uncle used to have, although he only let us shoot pellets and not real bullets. I used to shoot cans with it when I was 9 or so. Good times. (I am not pro-gun.)

Q7. Do you think musicals are cheesy?

A. They’re so cheddary and parmesany. Lol. No, I don’t think they are. I like going for a show every now and then.

Q8. What’s your favourite type of fruit pie?

A. Apple, followed by cherry, followed by anything else.

Q9. Do you believe in ghosts?

A. I kinda do, but I’ve never had a close encounter of the third kind. Not that I want to, lol, but I think they’re real.

Q10. What do you wear to bed?

A. Whatever I fall asleep in, most days, which is a t-shirt and shorts.

Q11. What was your first concert?

A. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a concert. Ever. Just never had the chance. I would like to go, though. Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, and the like.

Q12. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A. A writer, author, editor. I guess all of those dreams came true, lol.

Q13. What’s your favourite time of year: Summer or Christmas?

A. Christmas. Winter. New Year’s. Love it. Can’t get enough of it. Wish it was Christmas all year round.

Q14. Nike or Adidas?

A. Nike, of course.

Q15. Ever taken a dance class?

A. I did go for a dance class once, but did no dancing. I just sat on the floor and watched. I was told shy. Still am. I do not have rhythm. Trust me, I’m sparing the world from an ugly disaster.

Q16. Can you curl your tongue?

A. Nope; I can only bend it in the middle.

Q17. Nature lover or indoorsy?

A. A bit of both actually; I love nature, but also my bed.

Q18. Ever experience deja vu?

A. So many times, you have no idea. I feel like I’m in a dream world every time it happens. It’s happened more than 100 times in my life.

Q19. If you could kill anyone and get away with it, would you?

A. Not really.

Q20. Bathrobe or towel?

A. Towel, though I wish I had a fancy bathrobe. Maybe I’ll go out and buy one.

Q21. Do you have allergies?

A. A tiny allergy to dust, but then I guess everyone sneezes in a dusty environment.

Q22. Is there a profession you see your future spouse doing?

A. Writing? Lol. But seriously, I will not be having a future spouse. Nope. Thank you very much.

Q23. Do you have health insurance?

A. I do not, but I probably should, seeing as how I’m 27. It’s not irresponsible really, I do save every month, but I haven’t gotten around to insurance yet. I seem to be in peak shape. So I keep telling myself I don’t need it. I know everyone does.

Q24. Do you want kids?

A. Nope. Thank you very much.

Q25. Would you ever have plastic surgery?

A. I don’t where why and where on my body I’d I get it done. (Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery can be done in places other than the face.)


These questions are seriously the epitome of weird and strange. I don’t know why I keep coming back to them. I guess I’m stupid.

Remember, you can answer these questions with me in the comments below! The person who has the most answers in common with me wins a thousand bucks!

Not really, I’m kidding.

Until next week!

This is me, signing out!

ยฉ Amaan Khan, December 20, 2018.