Hello all you beautiful, gorgeous people!

And Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2019, and it’s officially a fresh start, a new chapter, a new lease on life. How did you spend the New Year’s Night? Did you party? Did you poop? Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed it, and that it didn’t cause any harm to anyone!

So, the theme of today’s post is sort of like a recap of this blog over the past year. We’re gonna talk about the this and that of 2018. What happend, what didn’t, and all that jazz.

Here we go!

First off, this blog started in 2018, but it’s not quite been a year. My blog is still a few days shy of being one year old. And yet, it has accomplished a lot in such a short span of time. First off, I was really eager and excited to launch this blog. I had been thinking about doing it for a long while. But I finally did it, and I couldn’t be happier and prouder.

The first couple of posts were some really good short stories that I remembering penning down enthusiastically. That’s how the Micro Fiction posts started. And you guys really seemed to love it. However, my creative well kind of ran dry and I had to refill it. So I did, by taking a break from writing fiction and moving on to non-fiction. That’s how the Let’s Talk posts started. It was partially because I wanted to give it a shot, partially coz I was low on fiction ideas, and partially coz you guy wanted to know more about it. The Let’s Talk posts are mostly question and answer tags, which are easily found on the internet. They are also fun as heck, ridiculously stupid and smart, and very interesting. The fiction and non-fiction tags started coming out in turns, one after another, until there was plenty of them to go around. This happened for weeks on end.

But. Then.

Then came the most amazing change to the blog. Around halfway through the year I announced my second book Disconnect: A.Novel. It was a pet, secret project that I just thought of publishing on my blog because I didn’t know what to do with it. It was the second biggest thing to happen to the blog, and it found so many lovely fans that I couldn’t be more thankful. The entirety of the novel is up on here, and I was thrilled and happy to see it being received so well.

After this came another series of fiction and non-fiction posts one after another, until the year ended. And that was just last week!

It’s crazy. It was last year a few days ago, and today it’s a whole new year. My blog has come such a long way, and I’m sure the same is true for many of you guys.

What has been the journey of your blog? What were its highlights and how much did you enjoy blogging in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

Before I leave you guys this week, I’d like to say one more thing. Earlier I had mentioned that my novel was the second biggest thing to happen to my blog. Kinda raises the question of what was the first biggest thing? Well, that answer is simple.


You, my followers, my readers, and my new friends. I couldn’t be more grateful, thankful, happy, and indebted to you guys. You have made my blog into something I would never have fathomed it would be. I could sing your praises for a thousand years and it still would not be enough. Thank you for reading week after week. Thank you for coming back week after week. Thank you for being my friends and becoming such close comardes over the past year.

I love you. I love your blogs. I love your lives.

Here’s to you, and to your kind friendship!

See you next week.

This is me, signing out!

Β© Amaan Khan, January 3, 2019.