Amaan Khan

Hello, I am Amaan Khan and this is my complete Portfolio | Weekly fiction and personal writings

About the Author


Amaan Khan is a blundering twenty-something who has spent far too much time practicing his nerdiness and not enough time in the sun, who has always wanted to experience zero-gravity, who has to sprint while making trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night because something in the dark might be out to get him, and who prefers taking the stairs over taking the elevator, reading the book over watching the movie, and Tom over Jerry.

His debut e-book Philippa was published in 2013 in collaboration with India’s all-time leading Literary Consultancy, Siyahi. With an eclectic professional background, ranging from economics to finance to law, he has always found his true calling in the writing scene and he constantly finds himself going back to it when all else fails. Currently, he blogs on WordPress (weekly) and Instagram (daily: @thisisamaankhan). He hails from Mumbai, India, where he is forever on the prowl for the latest concoctions of ice-cream flavours.

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