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About the Blog


Welcome to my humble little corner of the blogosphere. Herein you will find short (and maybe long) pieces of fiction, thoughtful ramblings from yours truly, and who knows what else when inspiration strikes. When starting out, nobody really knows what they’re doing, and so in that spirit I’m going to make it up as it goes. If you would like a little more insight, you can check out my first post here, where I expressed similar cluelessness as to what this blog should be about. It might help, it might not, it might confuse you even further, but hey, that’s life. I don’t make the rules. I wish I did.

If you like what you find, please do follow the blog. There are weekly updates, a new post every Thursday without fail. Among all this uncertainty, the least I can do is promise you that.

Happy Reading! And thank you for stopping by!

Peace out!

– Amaan Khan.